Bertrand's Toyshop in Bath: Luxury Retailing 1685‒1765

By Vanessa Brett


Toys were expensive trinkets such as gold snuffboxes, buckles, watches, canes and porcelain. Toyshops also sold children's playthings, theatre tickets, medicines, scientific instruments - and much more. They were the eighteenth-century equivalent of today's luxury store. Paul Bertrand's shop in Bath was a famous destination for all those who visited the resort.

This book is about luxury retailing and about Bath in the early decades of the eighteenth century. A fresh approach to the life of the city and of trade is underpinned by new research. Through the newly-discovered bank account of Bertrand, the names of his customers and of his suppliers are now known, so that for the first time the world of a luxury shopkeeper in the first half of the eighteenth century is revealed.

Front Cover - Bertrand's Toyshop in Bath: Luxury Retailing 1685‒1765 Paul Bertrand

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